Manuka Rx Tattoo Healing Cream

Tattoo Cream to Speed Recovery, reduce the risk and enhance your ink

To keep your beautiful work of body art looking its very best, post-tattoo skincare is vital.

With HHH Tattoo Care Balm, your skin will heal more rapidly, and you’ll reduce your risk of getting an infection. This tattoo cream is an important addition to your skincare routine.

Soothe Your Skin and Boost the Colour of Your Tattoo

Many of the issues people face after getting a tattoo include:

  • Infection
  • Burning, irritated skin
  • Scabbing

Thankfully, the natural ingredients in HHH Tattoo Care Balm soothe irritated, itchy skin and prevent scabbing.

Our ultra-moisturising tattoo cream will also enhance the colour of your ink and prevent fading.

With daily use, your skin will look and feel completely nourished.

Main Ingredients

We have used many natural ingredients in this formulation but the main ones are:

  • Manuka Oil: East Cape Manuka oil which is so good because of it's antibacterial properties and it hydrates the skin as well
  • Kawakawa: Used in traditional Maori herbal medicine, this herb reduces inflammation, heals wounds, and prevents infection
  • Arnica: Helps reduce pain and swelling
  • John’s Wart: This traditional remedy has been used for generations for wounds, scars, and burns.  

Our Tattoo Cream Helps Ensure You’ll Never Regret Your Tattoo

A post-tattoo skin condition or excessive inflammation can put a damper on the whole tattoo experience.

Thankfully, with ManukaRx HHH tattoo cream, your skin will heal faster and your tattoo will continue to look amazing for years to come.


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